By Montana Grant

Posted: December 30, 2021


Santa delivered a good batch of snow to Southwest Montana. This load of fresh snow will be next year’s Spring runoff, full trout streams, topped of lakes, and reserve water for the rest of the year. More snow is in the forecast. 

Places that have been extra dry the past few years are also getting a great load of snow measured in feet rather than inches. This moisture will result in less forest fires, more flows in the rivers, fuller reservoirs, and less drought.

Lord knows we need it. Too many acres of forests have burned up. Too many watersheds have dried up. Bring it on!

The Little El Nino, in the Pacific Ocean, is part of the reason for our Christmas Snows, with more on the way. Ocean currents change water temperatures and impact weather. This extra moisture is welcome and needed. Ice fishermen are excited and out in force.

Winter has a way of adjusting Nature’s imbalances. The extra freezing cold temps below zero are also helping to kill off Pine Bore Beetles and less than healthy critters.

Montana is a hard place to live. New folks moving to Montana to escape big city life are probably in for a shock. Montana, Idaho, and other remote states offer less crowds but rougher weather.

Sadly, extra snow and cold can be deadly. Several avalanches have killed snowmobilers and made driving treacherous. Without Winter skills, Montana can be a most dangerous place.

Let it snow!

Montana Grant

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