By Montana Grant

Posted: December 25, 2021

Holiday season often means gift giving. Presents under the tree are always welcome and enjoyed. Holidays are especially generous for kids. They often get the biggest piles of goodies. For adults, gifts have other meanings.

What was the BEST holiday gift that you ever received?

Years ago, I was muzzleloader hunting in Maryland. They offered a late season that went from mid-December into January. It was freezing cold. Keeping your Smoke pole was no easy task. Work had been particularly challenging and many other of life’s problems had occupied my mind.

It was Christmas Eve and I needed to get my mind right, so I went hunting. The forest was covered in snow and lots of deer tracks were around. After sitting on a frozen log for a few hours, the sun was going down. I had kept my mind busy sorting out life’s challenges and solving problems in my head. Suddenly, I could hear a group of deer trudging through the crunch snow. Several does jogged up to my location. I kept completely still as they walked within a few feet. More deer were coming behind them. As the sun set, a frosty fog appeared. Out of the fog emerged a beautiful 4 x4 buck. The fog seemed to form a cloudy wreath around him. He marched up to me and stood within a few feet. I froze my movement as my body froze.

Finally, he followed the does. I mounted the Hawken Rifle and waited for the perfect shot. At about 50 yards the buck turned sideways, and I pulled the set trigger. BOOM!!! The cool air and low light created a thick cloud of smokey fog. It took several minutes for the cloud to disappear. There laying 50 yards away was my Christmas present. After kneeling and giving thanks for this wonderful gift, it was time to get to work.

This deer gift meant food for the family and my soul. Harvesting a Buck on Christmas Eve was a grand gift. I dragged my gift a mile across the snow to where I could get my truck. When I made it to my home, the family came out to see their gift. They had heard the shot and knew that there was a chance of Jerky, roasts, loins, and steaks for the holidays.

More importantly, my gift of confidence, satisfaction, and pride gave me strength. As a hunter, Father, and Husband, I had fulfilled my purpose. My mind was clear, my heart was full, and all would be at Peace for the holidays.

Montana Grant