By Montana Grant

Posted: January 30, 2022

Some things are never FREE, but, in Montana …

 Kids can fish for FREE until they are age 12. Resident kids can then get a license for $4.00 Conservation Stamp and $10.50 for the season. For non-resident kids its $35.00. 

Kids can obtain a hunting license after age 12-17 for $31.00. Other stamps are also needed. This isn’t FREE but certainly a discount price. Mentor and supervision are also encouraged. Other Youth Only Deer hunts, Pheasant hunts, and access are available.

There is also a FREE Fishing Weekend during the Father’s Day in June.

Veterans Administration can supply Free Permits to Veterans residing in VA hospitals.

The Legion of Valor are offered Free Fishing licenses. Both residents and non-residents, regardless of age, can fish for FREE with only a Conservation License. They need to have a Legion of Valor membership card to qualify, which is available at FWP offices.

Care Facilities can obtain FREE licenses for supervised residents to participate in fishing activities, approved by the facility.

FREE Fishing permits and licenses are available for Education Exemptions. Qualified educational fishing events, clinics, and Derby’s qualify for this opportunity. Call-406-444-9943.

Purple Heart Recipient Residents, regardless of age, may hunt upland birds and fish with just a Conservation License. Residents must apply at regional FWP offices. They need to carry verification of their medal. For non-residents, licenses are only available at FWP headquarters in Helena.

Disabled Vets can also get a FREE Pass to hunt and fish State lands, and parks.

Resident and Non-resident sportsmen can also donate their Licenses to support Disabled Military Vets or active-duty service members using hunting and fishing as part of their Rehabilitation Programs.

It is also important for all licensed sportsmen to Mentor and help all other sportsmen with handicaps, older age, physical issues, or just lonely folks that could use a day outdoors.

We all feel FREE when outdoors!

Montana Grant

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