By Montana Grant

Posted: January 29, 2022

Coolers can be cheap but are not always Cool. Swinger style coolers are easy to open but lack lid insulation. Plastic flip lid coolers also have uninsulated lids. Here is a Cool way to make your Coolers Cooler. 

Let’s start with the lids. Most cooler lids are hollow. There is airspace but no other insulation. Drill several holes into the bottom, internal side of the lid. Now get some expandable spray insulation material and spray into the holes. There will be some overflow coming from the hole. The idea is to allow the insulation to expand and fill all the nooks and crannies of the lid spaces.

On a Swinger, flip lid style cooler, you can glue thin, stiff insulation to the inside. Just allow for opening clearance.

Once the insulation has done its job, cut, break, and scrape off the excess. Wear plastic gloves if touching any insulation that is not dry. A wire brush and a sharp edge of a chisel will remove any final residue. Now take some silicone sealer to fill in the holes. Wipe smooth and the lid is now airtight and better insulated, without adding much weight.

The next job may be an overall cooler inspection. Look for cracks and holes. Repair with the Silicone sealer. It comes in clear or colors. Also look at the hinges. They can be ordered from the manufacturer or at some local hardware shops. Does the cooler latch work? If not, replace or repair. Also check the drain.

Adding a solid lid to the lid adds strength and weight for a complete closure. You can screw a tray or board to the top. This can be used to cut bait or add protection to top off your cooler upgrades.

The other way to go is to spend more money on a quality cooler like a YETI or a Coleman. They are certainly excellent ways to keep your cool.

Stay Cool!

Montana Grant

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