Dog Friendly Trails In MT
By Krawdaddy Jones

Posted: January 28, 2022

Montana isn’t only oodles of fun for the average outdoorsman or woman, it’s also a blast for your pup! Hunting, fishing, and especially hiking are all a blast for these furry friends! Let’s to check out some of Montana’s best dog friendly hiking trails, and maybe you’ll be inspired to make today the best day ever for your doggy bud! 

Hyalite Creek Trail – Custer Gallatin National Forest – Bozeman

For 10.9 miles of backtrail, gorgeous Bozeman wilderness, Hyalite Creek Trail has got you covered. This trail leads to a lake, and is moderately trafficked. It’s also dog friendly, of course! You gotta keep your canine companion on a leash, however, because the trail is open to mountain bikers, other hikers, and other pups! You’ll enter through the Grotto Falls trailhead, which then connects to the Hyalite trail.

This route is an out and back trail, and the elevation is about 2,139ft. The path is rocky, so if your puppy has sensitive paws, consider protective booties. There’s also some water crossing, so it’s best to walk this path in the summertime! Bring your bug spray, too, because there’s lots of biting flies at the lake location. 


Yellowstone River State Park – Pompey’s Pillar

This one is a quick hike, clocking in at 0.9 miles. There’s a river at the end of the trail, and it’s dog friendly! Once again, you’ve got to keep your pup on a leash to respect the area and the other hikers. This trail is seasonal, so double check on the web if it’s open when you’re looking to explore.

This route is a loop, and the elevation is only 95ft. There’s hunting access close by, so make sure to outfit you and your pup in some reflective gear! There’s also a visitor center, because of the historic “Clark” carved into the rock back in 1806! Bring your bug spray, because there’s lots of different critters hopping around this trail. 


Glacier Lake – Beartooth Wilderness

Best used from July to September, this trail is 4.6 miles of moderate traffic and gorgeous wildflowers. Dogs must be leashed, as we’ve seen on every trail so far. Primarily this trail is utilized for bird watching, hiking and fishing! It’s an out and back style path, and the elevation gets to about 1,492ft.

This trail is comfortable pretty much year round, spare the coldest days. Hikers rave about the fall weather, the gorgeous view at the top and of course the wildflowers along the way. Make sure your vehicle can handle the 7 mile drive in of rough dirt roads, and that you’re ready for many switchbacks. 


Clay Butte to the Beaten Path Trail – Beartooth Wilderness

26 miles of heavily trafficked path is what you’re in for with this one. This trail is near Cooke City, and it also features a lake at the end. Dogs are allowed in this trail, but are to be kept on leash and outfitted with booties if their paws are sensitive. Best used from July to September. Lots of old forests, gorgeous lakes and creeks accompany you on your hike. This trail is doable for a day hike, but you may get caught up in the gorgeous scenery and activities around you. This might make it better to tackle the trail over a series of days consecutively, or split it up so you can enjoy every detail at your own pace!


Beehive Basin Trail No. 40

This 7.1 mile trail is great for you and your furry friend. The elevation gets to about 1,650 ft. and this trail is best from May to October. If you do choose to go in the chillier months, you’re likely to be met with some knee-deep snow, so bring your snowshoes and warm gear!

It gets a little muddy when the snow does start to melt, but overall the trail is beautiful and moderate. It’s an out and back type route, and the scenery only gets better as you go. Keep your furry friend on a leash, because there will likely be traffic, and have a blast!


I hope you enjoyed my trail research and recommendations for you and your pup! Be safe, make sure to pack for the weather and trail type, and keep your pup safe by using a leash and proper dog attire!

Check out this piece by Angela Montana on domestic dogs and bob cats! You never know what animals will be encountered on the trail! Thanks for stopping by, happy hiking!