FWP Director Hank Worsech back on MORS January 15th, 7:00AM
By angelamontana

Posted: January 10, 2022

Here’s your chance Montana! Ask Hank whatever you want!!!

Often we hear from our radio show listeners and/or viewers of our website or Facebook  page who have questions that usually start with;  

“Why did the FWP decide to do that at…..” or “Why did the FWP change the way  they…” or more recently “Why is the FWP proposing to change the hunting regs to….”.  

We also receive a lot of great comments that start with; 

“Hey I have an idea for the FWP, what if they…” or “The FWP ought to…” or “Wouldn’t  it make more sense if the FWP did…”. 

If you have ever had a question or thought about the FWP that sounds like any of the  above or if you have ever wondered about ANYTHING involving the “what’s?”, “why’s?,  “where’s?” or “how’s?” of the FWP, now is the time to get those questions or ideas  directly to the guy who runs the place! 

Here is how you “ask Hank”. Simply email your questions or ideas as soon as you can  to downrigger@MontanaOutdoor.com. Why email it now instead of Saturday the 15th when Director Worsech will be on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show? The last time Director Worsech was on the show, we could not get to all the questions that were sent in. The order we ask the questions is the same order that come into Downrigger’s email box. Thus, the reason to get your questions or suggestions to downrigger@MontanaOutdoor.com ASAP! 

When FWP Director Worsech was on the radio show last November 6th, he loved the  thoughts, ideas and questions that so many of you emailed in, and he learned a great  deal about WHAT YOU WANT. Best of all, he said that your questions, opinions and  suggestions do make a difference! So keep those questions, opinions and suggestions coming Montana!! Email them NOW to downrigger@MontanaOutdoor.com!!! 

Photo credit: Scott Shindledecker/Daily Inter Lake
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