“Great news everyone the cold finally capped the main lake now hopefully it will continue to build good ice on the main lake. Bays have between 6 and 8 inches of ice from what I’ve been told but I will be checking ice conditions in the next few days and updating everyone. Happy New Years.” – Scott Collinsworth
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Crooked Creek Fishing Report by Crooked Creek Marina (December 31, 2021)

Hi everyone,
Happy New year…. Conditions here at Crooked Creek are brutal -30 this morning…. Chris Gasner if you happen to read this post please call the marina at 406-429-2999 this is in regards to your cabin rentals thanks.

Georgetown Lake Fishing Report via Montana Ice Report (January 4, 2022)

“Went to Piney on Sunday. Slow fishing. Caught a few salmon but trout were not biting what we were using. About 8 inches of ice.” – Tom Maney