By Montana Grant

Posted: February 24, 2022

Montana Grant is currently Backed Off. Life is changing as I tackle post back surgery. The back issue was not a result of trauma, sports, or breakage. It is the result of getting old.

Montana cowboys and mountain men all know my pain too well. In the past, a bad back would end a career outdoors. Roaming the mountains, riding horses, backpacking meat sacks, and living free finally would end. Not being able to continue an adventurous life’s trek would end many of their happy times. 

Fortunately, more modern medicine can fix, repair, and rebuild arthritic and aged bones. The quality of life can he healed along with the wounds. Life can and will go on.

You can’t avoid some things in life, like getting old. Our joints, bones, nerves, and minds have a limited lifetime warranty. Arthritis is not a welcome friend. I plan to fight every ache and pain. There are still more fish to catch, bulls to call, and grandkids to teach. Guiding others through life’s trailheads is what elders and mentors are destined to do.

Every day gets a little better. The 5-hour surgery was a common one. The Stenosis is fixed and now I need to recover. Winter in Montana is a good time to heal. I don’t ski so I only need to give up my ice fishing. This back deal has been a challenge for almost a year. It may take that long to fully recover. Prognosis is good.

The pups need some more training. There is a garden to plant this Spring. Lots of home and lawn jobs to catch up with. I am anxious to address them all.

My advice to younger outdoor sports is to exercise, hunt, work, fish, row, and use your body wiser. The booze, drugs and cigarettes will only bring on health concerns too soon. We all want to be Supermen, and women, until we are not. Get help when lifting heavy junk, firewood, or big critters. Work smarter.

I have no regrets, just hope to do more of what I love. I guess catching big fish, shooting big bucks and bulls, climbing big mountains, and wading strong rivers have a toll to pay.

I am paying the tab now!

Montana Grant

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