MT Game Warden Saves Entangled Bighorn Sheep Nearing Death
By angelamontana

Posted: February 16, 2022

We will have a guest speaker joining us on The Montana Outdoor Radio Show this Saturday morning at 7:00am.  Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden, Casey Prell will be with us to talk about an unexpected and wild day he recently had when he saved a bighorn sheep.  You can listen online via our Facebook page, our website or you can listen via our statewide radio network at

Read about his story from Denny Bedard via KYSS FM here:

Like any law enforcement career, a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden’s day can be unpredictable.

It is unlikely that Warden Casey Prell got to the office recently and thought, “well, I better go out in the field and find a bighorn sheep tangled in a barbed wire fence mess.” But that is part of what his day entailed, and it was fortunate that Casey got there when he did.

Warden Prell works the state’s Region 7 in southeastern Montana. Montana FWP posted on their Facebook page details of the warden being dispatched to aid a bighorn sheep tangled up in a four-strand barbed wire fence. The ram had apparently been caught up in the fence for a lengthy period of time and was close to complete exhaustion and death.

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