By Montana Grant

Posted: February 13, 2022

The Zemlickas love to hunt. No one is left behind when its time to head afield. Their new baby Payten enjoys the time with Mom and Dad.

Family traditions are what Montanan’s are all about. Many of our traditions are rooted in hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure. We all have wonderful memories of catching that great fish with our grandfathers, that big bull with your brother fun camping with family and friends.

A kids first fish, first deer, or first night afield, are the foundation for a lifetime of adventure and memories. These experiences are so important to teach rules, limits, safety, skills, and how to make good choices.

Parents and Mentors are so important in showing new Sportsmen and women the right trailheads. These gifts usually come early in life after kids have grown up a bit. Infants are left home with family while the parents head afield. This is not the case in the Zemlicka family.

Lucas and Alishia are avid sportsmen. They love to archery hunt. This bond is what brought them together along with working out, weightlifting, marathoning, and other physical sports. So, when Elk season opened, their new baby girl, Payten, was part of the plan. She would also be a part of the hunting party. 

People have always been hunters and gatherers. Native tribes often brought the family afield on Buffalo hunts. A pappoose was strapped on the woman’s back and the hunt went forward. For Payten, the carrier was a tri wheeled roller stroller. There was also plenty of modern clothes, diapers, and baby gear on board. Modern babies have it way easier than the pioneers and native peoples.

With Payten comfy and warm in her stroller, Mom and Dad proceeded to fill the freezers. No tags were left unfilled.

I wonder what Payten will say when she looks at the images of her being shoved down the trail with Mom hauling an elk quarter on her back at the same time. Talk about something to live up to. The important thing to remember is that outdoor sports are not just about exercise, they are also about making memories.

Payten has some big boots to fill. 

Montana Grant