By Montana Grant

Posted: February 24, 2022

An Iceman went through the ice this week at the causeway area between Lake Helena and Hauser Lake. He was fishing in a tent shanty. Around 10am, when the ice gave way, and he was in the lake.

Others in the area called for help and assisted the angler. By the time the Clark County Search and Rescue team arrived, the man was back on the ice, and they were attempting to retrieve his gear and shanty tent. 

The shelter was partially submerged and much of the gear had sunk.

Ice at this time of the year can be sketchy. Older ice tends to get slushy, contain soft pockets, and becomes layered. Snow, rain, melt, and even water flowing on top the ice changes the ice quality. Pressure ridges can also form and create expansion and contraction issues. Some lakes, like Ennis Lake, have a constant current that creates risk when fishing near the channels.

Be sure to test the ice before heading out onto it. The causeway area between Lake Helena and Hauser Lake is notorious for being dangerous.

No fish is worth dying for!

Stay safe!

Montana Grant