By Montana Grant

Posted: March 17, 2022

Wading can be a slick and dangerous venture. No angler wants to fall in and get wet or injured. Boot foot waders and hippers have some tread molded into the foot but they rarely offer the best traction.

To supplement our wading boots with added traction, fishermen have tried many quick fixes. Back in the day I remember gluing indoor-outdoor carpet to the bottoms of my boots. It helped until they pulled off. You could also add a black pull on over boot that had aluminum bars riveted to their soles. These were great until the rubber in the heel tore, or the boots got sucked off in the rivers current.

Some anglers have added chains and screws into their boots to add some traction. Some of these ideas work but all have setbacks.

Later, fishermen found that invasive species could be spread when using felt or carpet bases. Microscopic algae and snails could stay alive long after leaving the water. A fisherman from New Zealand, brought wet boots to Montana and now we have New Zealand snails.

There must be a better way. Simms has become a leader when looking at waders and boots. Their Vibram sole technology has been a game changer. Their G-3 wading boot offers a traction sole that can be enhanced with screw in studs. They work great and offer no invasive issues.

Simms has now developed an even better flyweight boot. Their new soles feature a product called IdroGripFlex. This new product furnishes more slip resistance on wet surfaces than any other similar product on the market. 

The Simms Flyweight Access Boot has a lightweight non-absorbent mesh upper and a supportive and comfortable web lacing system that combine to make this boot sturdy and comfortable. This pull-on boot fits over a stocking foot wader foot. The rubber is more malleable and compressible than other products. This means that it will flex and shape itself to the contours of the rocks or water debris. This new product may wear out a bit faster but will function better to keep anglers upright and dry.

Adding some Simms traction screws will make these boots even more action traction capable. Whether you use these boots for wading when fishing, boating, walking on jetties, or hiking on rough terrain, you will find yourself more comfortable and confident when walking.

Put your best foot forward!

Montana Grant

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