KTVQ: Truck pulled from Yellowstone River after failed attempt to drive across
By angelamontana

Posted: March 22, 2022

Yikes!  Please, please, please be careful out there!

Here’s a reminder that spring in Montana means thin ice:

BILLINGS — A white Toyota Tacoma pickup truck was towed out of the middle of the Yellowstone River near Coulson Park in Billings Tuesday afternoon after two young males abandoned it after attempting to drive across the river Monday night.

“Normally it’s something that’s stolen, and often no one is involved as far as in the vehicle,” said Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder. “In this case it was a little different.”

Linder has spent his fair share of time in the Yellowstone as a former diver for the department.

“My first thought was, I’m glad they got out,” he said.

Read the full article by Casey Conlon here.

Photo credit: Casey Conlon | MTN News