By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: March 3, 2022

Missoula, Montana – At the last meeting of the Missoula Conservation District, the Board of Supervisors approved three grants from their winter grant cycle to support local conservation.


The Wind River Bear Institute was awarded a $500 Education Mini Grant to make the Lolo community aware that the Institute has a Bear Resistant Garbage Can Loaner Program and currently has cans to lend out at no expense for residents who live in bear problem areas of Lolo.


The Seeley-Swan High School was awarded a $500 Operation Mini Grant for students in high school science classes to continue water quality monitoring of Morel Creek in Seeley Lake.


The Rattlesnake Creek Watershed Group was awarded a $500 Operation Mini Grant to help cover operation expenses as the RCWG reestablishes their organization and begins advocating conservation practices from peak to creek in the Rattlesnake Watershed.


To learn more about the Missoula Conservation District grants program visit WWW.missoulacd.org or call the Missoula Conservation District 406-214-5131.

Radley Watkins

Resource Conservationist

Missoula Conservation District

3550 Mullan Road

Ste. 106

Missoula, MT  59808