By Montana Grant

Posted: March 3, 2022


Yellowstone Park requires more infrastructure improvements now than ever before. Many of the bridges and roads are very old. Excessive traffic has taken their toll and have worn out many of the thoroughfares. The weather has also done its worst to wear out the arteries in the park. 

Last year, the roads between Canyon Village and Tower/Roosevelt were repaired and upgraded. Some of this roadway navigates the highest altitudes in the park. The road between Madison Junction and Norris north have also been improved and resurfaced. This work required closures and delays for a few years.

Paving work from Old Faithful to West Thumb is next. It was last worked on in 1987. This 22-mile stretch is amongst the most heavily traveled. The plan is for 30-minute delays and nighttime work. The road will be closed between 8pm and 5am.

The Lewis Bridge will also need to be replaced. The bridge was last worked on in 1960. The Yellowstone River Bridge will need to be repaved. This bridgework may take until Fall of 2023. The Yellowstone Bridge will be moved 500 feet south to a new location.

All these projects will be funded by the Great American Outdoors Act and Legacy Restoration Fund. Cost is expected to be 103 million dollars. $586 million is available in the park budget for fixing the current maintenance backlog.

You will also discover that the North Entrance to the park has been improved and modernized. This project cost $12 million.

Yellowstone Park will back in full business this May.

Montana Grant