By Montana Grant

Posted: March 31, 2022

Outdoorsmen are happiest when they are outdoors. When they are indoors, they are thinking about being outdoors. Camping, fishing, hunting, adventuring, boating, and so many other sports that happen outdoors are important to outdoorsmen. 

There is no one outdoor sport that makes us happiest. Sports we haven’t done become opportunities to do more outdoors. I am not a skier, but I love ice fishing. Most skiers I have known don’t ice fish. I bet if we could ski to a lake where I could ice fish, we might all be happier.

Outdoor happiness does not begin the way it ends. We evolve as outdoorsmen. Let’s choose fishing as a metaphor. If we go fishing as a young outdoorsman, our happiness may be measured by catching a fish. Any fish, no matter how big or small. Later our happiness is measured by catching a lot of fish. Once this happiness is fulfilled, we want to catch a big fish and later a specific fish. Finally, our greatest happiness happens when we show others how to fish. Every cast is another cast closer to true happiness. 

Happiness is a moving target. If outdoorsmen don’t adjust their aim, they may miss out on the happiest things in life.

You can’t buy happiness. Real happiness is spontaneous and ambushes us. When we plan our greatest outdoor adventures, the happiest moments that we remember forever were never planned. They just happened. If we never went outdoors, we would never find what really makes us the happiest!

The happiest outdoorsmen leave the legacy of how to be happy. The outdoors, fish, critters, slopes, beaches., mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, and outdoor destination are just the excuse and invitations to discover happiness.

Happy Days are here again!

Montana Grant