Wolverine visits Lewistown
By angelamontana

Posted: March 10, 2022

Lewistown is known for many things, and, apparently, a wolverine wanted to see what the hype was about there.

On the morning of Wednesday, March 9, the Lewistown Police Protective Association (LPPA) posted on social media that a wolverine had made its way into town:

The Lewistown Police Department and the Fergus County Sheriff’s Department are out tracking a Wolverine that has been sighted in the city limits. Please stay out of their area and call 406-535-1800 if seen. DO NOT APPROACH this animal.

Later on, the LPPA had updated their post stating that the “animal has left the area”, but the visit from the wolverine still brought some excitement to town.  In addition, there were all kinds of comments on the original post from locals concerned about the wolverine, updating locations and more:

The one that lived across the road from me hasn’t been there last several days. And people come out here and run hounds and all kinds of hunting dogs so wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed him into town ☹️ He wasn’t bothering me out here. (Kathy C.)

Why does all the cool stuff happen when I’m not there? (James A.)

What’s the problem? Is it ‘cause he’s Canadian and didn’t clear customs? (Jon P.)

Oh man — awesome! Be kind to the critter please! We need to learn to live WITH our awesome wildlife (Abby K.)

I saw him by junior high about 8 but heard he was out by Tractor supply now. (Sue M.)

They are such awesome critters, please tell me ya’ll are going to relocate it?? 🙏 (Kerri M. A.)

It’s hard to say where the wolverine actually is, as the LPPA didn’t reply to comments asking which direction the animal went or if it was relocated, but, as always, we strongly suggest you don’t approach a wolverine if you see one–regardless of how cute they look.

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