10 Best April Fool’s Day Jokes for Hunters and Anglers
By angelamontana

Posted: April 1, 2022

April Fool’s Day is a time where we see social media posts involving a livestock-killing shark in Montana freshwater.  If you’re looking to extend April Fool’s Day pranks to your family, here are 10 interesting ideas from Legendary Whitetails:

  1. Hide an electric game call in the house or in your yard to fool the family. The fighting racoon or wolf howl should get some pretty funny reactions, especially if you can pull it off during the Easter egg hunt!

  2. Dress in a ghillie suit and hide in the bushes during your family’s Easter egg hunt. Wait for your unsuspecting 5-year old nephew to come strolling by looking for the egg that’s always in the downspout, and give him a scare he’ll be sure to remember! Okay, don’t be too cruel, maybe try to wait for an adult to scare.

  3. Fill your husband’s cologne bottle with a little doe pee and get ready to laugh. Just make sure you aren’t in any hurry to go somewhere, as he’ll definitely need a shower after that!

  4. Want to gross out the kids? Plant a pile of chocolate covered raisins in the yard and pretend its deer poop. Then, do the unthinkable and pick it up and eat it in front of them. Their reaction will be priceless!

  5. Dye an egg that hasn’t been hardboiled and stick it in the basket with the rest that already have been. When you see who’s picked it, dare them to crack it over their head. Just try not to do this over carpet. HA!

  6. Fake snake pranks never get old. I’m sure you can find a nice little spot for one to lay as “protector of a plastic Easter egg”. Get the camera rolling!

  7. Swap an SD card from your buddy’s trail cam with a chip preloaded with a bunch of Easter bunny images (or whatever you want, we’ll leave that part of the joke up to you). Next time they go to check it, they’ll be in for quite the surprise!

  8. Hide a shed antler. Let them find it. Watch them celebrate. Then rain on their parade.

  9. Post a Craiglist Ad titled: “Selling cheating husband’s hunting and fishing gear. Cheap!” In the description, post a few photos of gear, boots, bows, and treestands. Then list your target’s (friend, family member, or husband) phone number as the only contact info. You’ll want to be around them for this one!

  10. The invisibility of fishing line lends itself to be the driver of so many pranks. Tie it to a rubber snake and have it slither by; or tie it to a dollar bill for the timeless classic “dollar in the wind” trick.

***DISCLAIMER: Legendary is not liable for any ruined Easter brunches as a result of the suggested pranks.

(via Legendary Whitetails)