Beartooth Ranger District, Delays Some Seasonal Roads Opening, Given Snow Accumulation
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: April 18, 2022

Red Lodge, MT- April 15, 2022 – The Beartooth Ranger District, Custer Gallatin National Forest will be delaying the opening of four seasonal roads that traditionally open annually on, April 15.  The roads include West Fork Rock Creek Road (#2071), Silver Run Road (#2478), Robertson Draw Road (#2008) and Lake Fork Road (#2346).  Each road will be reassessed weekly to determine a safe time to open the roads for the season.

“These four seasonal roads are being delayed due to the recent late season snow that we’ve received this week,” said Annette Smits, District Recreation Program Manager “Additionally, as a reminder for folks the upper loop of Red Lodge Creek Road (#2141) also is seasonally closed until May 15th each year for the spring thaw and freeze cycle.  We look forward to opening each of these roads as soon as conditions permit”

Many other roads across the Beartooth Ranger District will remain seasonally closed still including some in the Pryor Mountains.  Many roads or designated trails in the Pryor’s are typically closed this time of year for the spring thaw and freeze cycle and we advise consulting the Motor Vehicle Use Maps, available per district, prior to heading out each spring to refresh road and date openings.  Some of the higher elevation designated routes have a later spring opening date, which serves to protect the road bed and trails better.  Snowpack remains in the Pryor Mountains and will limit travel on any roads within that area that are open, as well.