Big Beautiful Black Bear Down!
By angelamontana

Posted: April 29, 2022

Way to go, Paden Braaten, on this beautiful black bear!

Check out this post via Hunt Montana:

Monster Alert!!! Most average bears killed in Montana hover around that 5 foot nose to tail mark and are typically really hard to field judge unless you have a pile of experience looking at bears. Some bears you don’t need to look over at all to make a decision to harvest. This bear is an example of one of those bears that’s just an absolute troll. Giant pumpkin, little tiny ears off to the sides of its head and a big boxy front end. This bear measured 6’7” nose to tail 😳 Absolute SLOB! Congratulations to Paden Braaten… he shot it just behind Shoulder, MT. Group photo left to right Chandler Braaten, Paden Braaten, and Garrett Domagala. Nice work gentlemen, thanks for sharing and congratulations on an epic hunt! #huntmontana #huntmt #bearhunting #blackbearhunting #springbear #blackbear #montana #predatorhunting

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