Bob Larsson receives recognition for 65 years as longest serving instructor in Montana
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: April 5, 2022

KALISPELL — Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks recently honored the service of its Region 1 (northwest Montana) hunter and bowhunter education instructors at an annual workshop in Kalispell.

The annual workshop is an opportunity for FWP staff and instructors from each region to review the program, discuss updates and new equipment, and to celebrate the volunteerism of the instructors. The heart of Montana’s hunter and bowhunter education programs is the corps of dedicated volunteer instructors. They stand as examples of how each hunter should demonstrate ethics, behavior and responsibility to themselves, landowners, other hunters and the resource.

At the 2022 workshop, several instructors were awarded for service milestones, ranging from five to 65 years. The latest honorees are listed below.

Among those honored was Montana’s longest serving instructor, Bob Larsson of St. Ignatius. Larsson, 92, still helps in classes, working alongside his adult children and grandchildren who have followed in his footsteps and also serve as hunter education instructors. Larsson was the state’s second certified instructor after the Montana Legislature created the hunter safety program in 1957. Larsson’s son, Andy, accepted the 65-year award in Kalispell on his behalf.

Richard Hjort of Libby received recognition for 45 years of service as a hunter education instructor and 35 years as a bowhunter education instructor.

“The men and women who volunteer to mentor new hunters are passionate and dedicated to Montana’s hunting tradition and to teaching firearm safety,” said Dillon Tabish, FWP regional communication and education program manager. “These instructors serve their communities in a very important way. They deserve a sincere ‘Thank you’ from all of us.”

If anyone is interested in the future of hunting, in improving sportsmanship and safety in the field, or teaching an appreciation for the vast hunting resources in Montana, FWP encourages them to sign up to become an instructor. Visit for more information or call Dillon Tabish at (406) 751-4564.

Region 1 Service Milestones


5 Years (Bowhunter Ed)

Jason Clinkenbeard, Arlee

Tom Fieber, Polson

Sam Nease, Kalispell

Michael Pierce, Hot Springs

5 Years (Hunter Ed)

Jason Clinkenbeard, Arlee

Joshua Harmon, Kalispell

Max Mayer, Rollins

Seth Moore, Yaak

Sam Nease, Kalispell

Michael Pierce, Hot Springs

Oby Schulz, Arlee

Ryan Schwegel, Kalispell

10 Years (Bowhunter Ed)

Colette Morgan, Plains

10 Years (Hunter Ed)

Perry Brown, Columbia Falls

Chris Crane, Columbia Falls

Russell Hunt, St. Ignatius

Colette Morgan, Plains

Jessica Nease, Kalispell

15 Years (Bowhunter Ed)

Rebecca Doyle, Noxon

William Swagger, Libby

15 Years (Hunter Ed)

Dean Hazuka, Marion

Rick Nease, Kalispell

Alan Osborn, Troy

William Swagger, Libby

20 Years (Bowhunter Ed)

Robert Larsson, St. Ignatius

20 Years (Hunter Ed)

Richard Bondy, St. Ignatius

Robert Larsson, St. Ignatius

25 Years (Bowhunter Ed)

Ron Clarke, Whitefish

Jeremy Plummer, Somers

25 Years (Hunter Ed)

Rod Day, Kalispell

Peter Drowne, Bigfork

Ed Ferruzzi, Trego

Patrick Fish, Whitefish

Penny Fish, Whitefish

Wade Fish, Whitefish

Jeremy Plummer, Somers

Brian Sommers, Kalispell

Tim Stoddard, Whitefish

30 Years (Hunter Ed)

Lonny Quimby, Columbia Falls

35 Years (Bowhunter Ed)

Pat Allick, Kalispell

Roger Allick, Kalispell

Terry Comstock, Eureka

Richard Hjort, Libby

45 Years (Hunter Ed)

Richard Hjort, Libby

65 Years (Hunter Ed)

Robert Larsson, St. Ignatius