By Montana Grant

Posted: April 17, 2022

Being a Flexible and strong angler will help you to catch more fish. This is the time of the year to get back into Flexy Fishing Fab Shape. We have all done the Watusi dance in the river and were able to stay dry. As we age, our dance moves become lacking. Our Two Step becomes more like a flip flop.

Ice fishing is fun but often involves a lot of sitting, eating snacks, and not moving around much. Our Flab takes over our Fab!

This past February, I ended up with having to get back surgery. No accident except for age and gravity. This has been my biggest health challenge and has taken away my Flexy Fisherman Status. Thanks to good physical therapy and more moving, I am slowly getting back to my Flexy self. Hopefully, by Mid May, I will be Flexy, and the Fishing will be fabulous once more. 

I never appreciated the annual exercise routines more than now. Fishermen are Athletes too! The wading on slick round rocks, stumbling over logs and snags, casting and waving your arms, bending, kneeling, and stalking, bracing against strong river currents, rowing heavy boats, and landing huge fish all require flexiness and strength.

Working out now we help you fish safer and better later. Think about what your body needs. Local Gyms have expert staff to create your own special workout plan. Think about strengthening your casting arms, improving your cardio, decreasing your flab, and strengthening your legs.

You will look better, feel better, and fish better. Each fishing season is one less In our lives. When we stop moving and being flexy, our fishing limit is reached. No one wants to sit on the bank and watch a huge fish that is just out of reach because you can’t stand up in the river.

Figure out what you need and make it better. Catch a big one!

Montana Grant

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