By Montana Grant

Posted: April 9, 2022


Outdoor recreational energy technology will soon need to change. Like it or not, fossil fuels are going to be limited or restricted. 4 wheelers, boating, propane fuels, Liquid distillate fuels, and other energy sources will become harder to use. They all require fossil fuel products to make and use. Gore-Tex, plastics, nylon, metals, rods, lines, lures, skis, canoes, kayaks, etc. are all on the new Naughty List.

Solar, batteries, and recharge systems will become the norm. The problem is that much of the future technology is not here yet. China and other countries are the primary manufacturers of these Climate Change solutions. 

So, what will your future outdoor recreation look like? No campfires, limited solar, mass transportation to get to your campsite, eco police to monitor your footprint, less land to camp on since more land is needed to build solar factories, etc. Tourists, campers, outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, scooters, jet skis, dirt bikes, wheelers, power boating, will all become non-essential. It takes fuel to get there so staying home and working is what the average persons will be able to do. The wealthy Kings and Queens, and politicians will still have outdoor recreation opportunities. Many will be subsidized by our taxes.

Water will be needed for drinking, hydroelectricity to fuel electric vehicles, and agriculture. Swimming, boating, fishing, and other water sports will become non-essential.

There are those that want to eliminate oil fuels, coal, farting, animals, combustible fuels, hydroelectric dams, nuclear energy, and other fuel sources on their Naughty List. It takes a wind turbine 20 years to break even in cost. Mass transportation can carry more people at once but to construct the infrastructure means major environmental impact. This is the new normal.

Today’s outdoor recreation does not exist without fossil fuels and gas. If we lose propane cannisters, wood stoves and fires, traditional batteries, horses, and other outlawed fuel or pollution resources, we can always use candles, paddles and oars and sails, but we still need to get there to recreate.

The freedom of private car/truck/ power boat ownership could be a memory. Any trip/travel will need to be approved. Only essential travel and energy use will be permitted.

Many of those politicians and people that are so quick to leave fossil fuels behind, do not need private vehicles. Public transportation and subsidized funding meet their needs. These are fine in a metropolis but not in rural and remote areas. Each state and ecosystem have different demands and needs.

Future parks will need to change. Only mass transit will be allowed. Campsites will be closed, roadways limited or removed, no more fishing, hunting, … The pandemic showed that when health becomes a concern, people flocked to areas with less population. These sanctuaries are now getting more crowded.

We have been making strides with energy. LED lightbulbs are great energy savers. Our MPG on vehicles has improved. Metals and steel are made using over 60% less energy. Coal plants can be less polluting and are in America. Nuclear energy is way more efficient and technology for future Fusion to fission plants is getting closer.

The current energy crisis is real but is also premature. We need the energy solutions before we eliminate the energy technology we currently have. No one will disagree with a better and eco friendly way to live. We just need solutions before we change.

Earth is a big place and needs big solutions!

Montana Grant

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