By Montana Grant

Posted: April 9, 2022

Hunters and fishermen live long with their great stories, adventures, and memories. Without them, the end of the trail becomes too near. How big was the fish? What was the range of that great shot? Who was the best buddy? Where did you see the biggest elk? The answers to these questions fuel sportsmen.

Without the answers, a lifetime of legendary outdoor fun is lost. Sadly, as we age, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and other disorders rob us of these great stories and experiences.

Fortunately, many of us have not yet experienced these shadows in our memories. As we age, we do end up having a slower recall, details, and sharpness. Scientists have discovered that plaque seems to build up in our brains and slows our synapses, nerve actions. It’s like old oil in an engine. There is a solution. 

If you feel that you are no longer a Trivial Pursuit expert, maybe start considering exercising your brain power. Concentration focus, learning, reasoning, clear memory, and accuracy must be exercised to be maintained.

Puzzles, mind games, and mental exercise    Use it or lose it.

                Try a Supplement such as Neuriva.    I started taking this supplement and within a few days I found that my attention to detail improved. I could remember details that I previously needed to Google.

                Physical exercise and improved cardio.     Improved circulation keeps the body functioning cleaner and more efficiently.

                Consider getting into better physical shape and losing some weight.    More physical means more cardio which keeps our body mechanics in tune.

                Less booze/ drugs are helpful.    Alcohol, drugs, and smoking take time away from a quality of life. Hunt, fish, and outdoor recreate more instead. Lungs will regenerate and you will find yourself having more energy and a desire to have fun.

                Fish, hunt, and adventure more, while you still can.     Sadly, the next hunting and fishing season is one less. Don’t waste them.

No one wants to lose their minds. We also do want to lose our bodies. The Brain, like the muscles in our buddies need to be kept in working order and tuned up. With Spring, maybe now is a good time to consider an overhaul. Become your best self now before you end up in a memory ditch.

If you are too stubborn to take ownership of your mind and body, do it for family, friends, and grandkids. They need to learn and understand what made you love life. The stories and legends will live on only if you can still remember them.

The fish was so big…. How big was it Grandpa?

Montana Grant