By Montana Grant

Posted: May 28, 2022

There are many alternatives for power options when fishing, hunting, camping, and gardening. You no longer need to rely on gasoline, oil, and fossil fuel to operate gear cleanly. Now I know that many folks hate addressing Global Warming, Climate Change, or being forced to go electric, but…

Battery power has many advantages! Let’s look at ice fishing. A gas-powered auger weighs in at 35 plus pounds. It is heavy to transport, often a pain to start, and can be dangerous to operate. Recently, I went to my Makita 18-volt drill for ice hole auguring. An auger attachment is around $150. The slide on batteries are expensive but I already had the ones that came with other Makita tools. I use the larger drill with a handle attached. The auger tool and drill combo is less than 15 pounds. This battery tool cuts clean holes safely. Pull the trigger and the drill turns on. Carry a few fully charged batteries in a warm place to reload as you need.

Since I already have a selection of Makita batteries from 2 -6 amps, I can interchange them with new tool only kits. My new 12-inch chain saw is a perfect firewood cutter at camp. You can also use the saw to quarter big game. Clean out the oil chamber and use vegetable oil as your chain lube.

In my yard, I now use a battery powered weed whacker. The rig is lighter, quieter, and allows me to trim ½ acre and still have a battery charge of 4 out of 5. The trim line is the same. Heck, it even came with a blower.

I still prefer a gas mower for the area I need to mow. You can also get flashlights, tire inflators, and many other options. All operate on the same batteries. My original Makita Batteries are over 10 years old. Battery powered tools are way more portable, lighter, and practical. No more fuel, gas additives, and gas cans.

Folks do not realize that running a gas mower for 1 hour is the same amount of smog as 300 miles of car travel. In the case of some gas-powered leaf blowers and weed whackers, pollution is equivalent to 1,100 miles of car travel. We all can agree that less pollution is better.

Batteries do need to be charged but the time and cost of electric to recharge is small in comparison. Changing how we maintain our lawns and gardens is smarter with noncombustible fuels. Small gas-powered engines are inefficient and produce too much polluting emissions. The convenience of a chain saw, lights, and other battery powered gear at camp is appreciated when you need it. The key is to bring a couple more batteries.

Battery powered accessories are simply smarter and easier to use. The technology is only getting better.

Once you cut the cord, you will never go back! 

Montana Grant

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