By Montana Grant

Posted: May 12, 2022

90% of broken fishing rods are broken at their tips! The tips are the most fragile and thinnest section of a fishing rod. This thin area offers sensitivity to feel bites and accelerate casts.

Most broken tips occur when you are in the boat, at the truck, or when you stumble and fall forward. Every fisherman hopes to have a great story about a huge ULTRA MAGA fish that was responsible for their broken rods. I have had a few rods bite the dust from a big fish, but the truth is way different. 

Many rods suffer damage at the end of a drift or day afloat. Anglers are often in a hurry to find personal relief and abandon their gear to sprint to the outhouse. It is now when the rod pays the price.

Power windows have an appetite for rod tips. Before rod cases and tubes, rods would be slid into the back of a truck and the cap/cab window. Al was well until it became drafty, and the driver closed the window. Snap, Crackle, Pop! My Dad used to put his rod into the back seat of his Impala. The rod tip would flap outside the car in the wind. When he decided to close the window, the rod tip paid the price, and the air would become filled with expletives.

As a kid, my dad had me using a rod that was made of steel. This rod worked but was bulletproof. My ability to break rod tips had become famous. Today’s Lunker Stix brand rods are a great choice for kids. The blanks are nearly impossible to break.

Rod tips often break just behind where the metal tip top ends and the rod blank begins. If this is the case, you can clean up the tip and add a larger tip top. Heated glue will fix the tip top in place. If you need to pull a tip off, lightly heat the metal tip top and slide it off. You may need to remove the tip if it is damaged and cracked.

Many high-priced fly rods and spinning rods can cost several hundred dollars. These pricey rods also come with a warranty so the angler can replace the blank if broken. This is a good idea if you are prone to rod damage. 

Protecting your rod makes sense. There are a wide selection of rod tubes and covers. Keep in mind that vibrations can also cause laminated rods to separate. Always use a cloth or foam cover to muffle the rod when it is in the case. There are a ton of homemade rod tubes that you can complement into your boat or ride. Cases are a visual reminder to pay attention to care for your rod.

Respect and protect your rods and they will perform when you need them.

Montana Grant