By Montana Grant

Posted: May 1, 2022

Yes, we are talking about pee, piss, whiz, winky tinky, tinkle, and every other variation of what Biologists call urine. This liquid is wastewater from mammal and critter metabolisms. After critters/ mammals, eat and drink, the materials are processed and what is not needed is cast off. 

Now some of you are asking, what does this have to do with hunting and the outdoors? It turns out the urine is important to hunters, campers, outdoorsmen and women, and the first native peoples and pioneers. Urine is still used today!

Urine is mainly water, along with small quantities of uric acid, hormones, salts, urea, phosphates, and oxalates. Ancient, and modern medical practitioners recognize and use urine for external and internal purposes. It is often added to meals and beverages. The salty taste apparently adds flavor, aroma, and spice. It is used as a tea, aromatic inhaler, poultice, sterilizing liquid, and metabolism enhancer.

Today, cow urine is most used. The urine from horses, camels, buffalos, elephants, mules, and cats are also utilized. Urine in small quantities serves to improve health in many ways. Native peoples had few medicines, so urine was creatively used in their place. Routine consumption of Buffalo urine helped with digestion and boosted immunity. Memory was improved, and urine was used to treat most human ailments. Urine was a proper sanitizer for injuries and wounds. 

Urine is a sterile liquid and is used to clean and sterilize wounds. For example, the chemicals in urine also treat ringworm, acne, eczema, cancer, thyroid, constipation, blood disorders, rashes and insect bites, asthma, kidney problems, gastrointestinal disorders, wounds, respiratory issues, and lowers cholesterol levels.

I once dated a girl whose grandmother, from Europe, kept a mayonnaise jar of her urine on the toilet. She would wash her face with it every morning. The urine stringent did keep her skin young looking but … anyway…

Hunters and trappers use urine for attracting their prey. All critters release wastewater so the smell and natural pheromones can be useful. Farmers enjoy the nitrogen in their soil. Urine boosts potassium for clover and grass. Campers often spray and deposit urine around their campsites to ward off predators such as bears, wolves, coyotes, and Mountain lions. Urine is used in pesticides and works well to discourage mosquitos.

Now don’t go out and chug a lug a 16 oz. schooner of urine. If you drink too much urine, it is toxic and will do more than piss you off. The survivors of the WW2 ship Independence drank their urine and were no longer survivors.

One of the other benefits seems to be slowing the aging process. I guess getting “pissed off” can keep us young!

Sorry for now. I gotta go!

Montana Grant

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