By Montana Grant

Posted: June 26, 2022

On a fishing trip to Canada, my son and I hiked into a secret pike lake. The outfitter had stashed a canoe there and said it would be pike heaven. The trek in was like a nonstop cloud of mosquitos. They seemed to treat our bug dop like a fine wine. We covered every inch of shin with everything we had. Once we found the canoe, I loaded the boat and we stepped in. I then noticed that only 1 thwart was in place. Our weight made the canoe fold up like a pea pod. As we launched, the cloud of squitos followed us. We caught some fish in between slapping, paddling, and cursing at the clouds of blood sucking bugs. That may have been the worst mosquito story that we own.

We all spend big bucks on bug dope that is supposed to work. The problem is that everyone reacts differently to each brand. DEET is considered toxic or causes allergic reactions. Other lotions seem to do little other than add sauce to a squitos meal. For many, a windy day seems to be the best deterrent.

So, how can you keep mosquitos away?

Chamois shirts    the fabric of a true chamois shirt is woven in a way that mosquitos cannot penetrate it. Chamois is mosquito Kevlar. Layers of clothing also help.

                Chocolate and mints    Aromas from these foods confuse mosquito scent detectors. Caramel is a tasty deterrent also. These odors do attract other biting insects though.

Therma cells    These portable, or stationary units, create a bubble of protection around you. A small wafer, treated with a anti mosquito chemical, is heated by a small propane canister and flame. You can get these at a Hardware store. They come as belt attached units or table lamps. Hunters sit in swamps without mosquito issues. Boaters and campers will also appreciate this gear. 

Light colored/ Earth tone colors    these colored garments do not attract squitos. White works the best!

Bat Boxes    Place a Bat box on your trees or upper home areas to attract bats to your property or marina. Bats eat 1,000 mosquitos an hour. They consume 2 grape sized dead mosquitos a night.

Non scented lotions and creams    These will help keep the mosquitos away and are a good thing to apply on bites. Avoid fragrant scents.You can also make your own healthy home repellent concoctions. Here is one that may suit your needs.

The best products to use for Mosquito protection are.


PICARIDIN    This comes as a spray or lotion. The lotion lasts longer and effective for 12 hours. This repellant is made from a 20% pepper blend, rather than Deet. It also works well against biting flies, chiggers, and ticks. The spray is best for ankle and clothing application. 

REPEL    This is a natural lemon Eucalyptus blend that is easily applied and effective. 

Anticipate when the mosquitos are most active. This is usually the first and last few hours of the day. Be prepared with protections and deterrents.

Mosquitos can ruin an outdoor activity, spread disease, or just drive you crazy.

Montana Grant

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