By Montana Grant

Posted: July 7, 2022

Today, my brother, Montana Grant, and I went to Ennis Pond to fish!  We used Montana Grant’s secret bottom rig.  A slip sinker weight, barrel swivel, small #10 hook, and power bait on the fishing line.  On our first cast both my brother and I caught a fish!  The rainbow trout were beautiful. There is no question why they are called “rainbows”.

We practiced Catch and Release until we caught 3 keepers each.  I also caught this huge, beautiful rainbow trout and named her Big Bertha.  She fought so hard! After a great battle, it seemed only right to allow her to be released. There is something special about catching and releasing a fish. Bertha was BIG but we could always catch another. I gently held the netted monster in the water and watched Big Bertha swim away. 

First thing you need to do for the secret rig on the fishing line, is tie your weight on.  Make sure that your weight is not directly on the bait, or the fish will taste it and not bite.

Second thing is using a clinch knot and tie on a small hook.  A proper Blood Knot will connect line to leader. If you can’t tie a Blood knot, use a swivel to act a s a sliding sinker stop. Next use orange glittery Berkley Power Bait and roll it into about a ¼ inch ball.  Now you are all ready to go!

Clothes…  You should always wear a nice light long sleeve shirt with lots of pockets and jean pants.  Mosquitos love tasty children. With all these pockets you can be organized and not have a mess of fishing gear getting tangled.

A good spot to fish is the Ennis Pond.  It is great when you are 12- years old, or younger and just learning to fish.  This was my first-time fishing and I have never caught a fish. Once I casted and waited for a few seconds I got a bite.  It is always so awesome when you catch your first fish.  The Ennis Pond is a kid honey hole.  Just drive to Ennis and you will find it at the Lions Club Park on the east end of town.

After you catch your limit of 3 fish it is time to get an old-fashioned milkshake!  You can go to the Ennis pharmacy and get a delicious milkshake.  They have all kinds of flavors.  They have your simple vanilla and chocolate, but they have fun ones like strawberry, huckleberry, coconut, and all different fun kinds. 

Once you are done fishing you can filet your fish and cook it!  There are all different types of ways to cook it. You could boil, fry, air fry, grill, smoke, bake, or you can cook it anyway you want. Just season, it to your taste and enjoy! The meat in our fish was orange and wonderful. Big Bertha is still alive and well.

Enjoy your beautiful fish! 



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