Idaho man sentenced to months in jail, thousands in fines and 10 yr hunting ban for poaching convictions
By angelamontana

Posted: July 6, 2022
2021 was an interesting year for many reasons, and, unfortunately, there was no shortage of bad news.  Here’s a press release from the end of 2021 that tells about an Idaho man and his poaching run coming to an end after 23 years of complaints:
Case involved two states and long-term investigations that were prompted by citizens reporting violations

Paul D. Coward, of St. Maries was sentenced in December in the First District Court in Shoshone County for various wildlife-related crimes to months in jail, thousands in fines and a 10-year hunting revocation.

Early in 2021, Coward was charged with numerous misdemeanor and felony violations stemming from multiple search warrant executions which included: possession of drugs and paraphernalia, outfitting/guiding without a license, unlawful possession of firearms, hunting big game over unlawful bait, and a felony count of possession of unlawfully taken wildlife, which was a mountain goat he killed in Washington and had been hiding in his St. Maries home.

Following nearly 23 years of complaints from concerned sportsmen about Coward’s illegal hunting, and a three-year focused investigation, Idaho Fish and Game investigators were able to collect the necessary physical evidence demonstrating that Coward was illegally using bait to attract and hunt big game and providing outfitting and guiding services without a license.

In addition to wildlife crimes, Coward, who was prohibited from possessing firearms due to previous felony convictions, was also found to be in the unlawful possession of numerous firearms. Investigators said that Coward admitted he knew what he was doing was illegal, but chose to continue to bait, hunt unlawfully, and disregard the licensing requirement for outfitting and guiding.

Read the full Idaho Fish and Game press release here.

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