ROW vs WADE!!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: July 7, 2022

No before you freak out, this article is about where to fish from not whether we should address procreation. Before your abort reading this article just focus on whether you are happier fishing form a boat or from the shore.

Many fishermen began fishing as Bank Fishermen. A couple forked sticks, a comfy seat, and a cooler full of snacks and drinks would make a perfect setting for fishing. We all had our favorite rock, log, or spot to enjoy the day. Bank fishing is relatively simple and fun. 

Once our fishing skills and confidence improved, fishermen began roaming the shorelines. Rock and log hopping kept our feet dry and allowed us to explore new areas. Using this method helped us to find new honey holes and more fish. We may have also began meeting other anglers and share tips and ideas.

After slipping off the shore, Wet Wading became relevant. Heck, my shoes, and feet are already wet so let’s wade a little deeper. Eventually, the deeper water became more inviting, so a pair of wading boots or chest waders was Justified.

The dream of getting deeper and further was fulfilled by using a watercraft. Many anglers began using kayaks and canoes. Fly fishermen enjoyed float tubes. These simple floaters allowed them to get closer to the fish. For many of us, these floats allowed us to get across the river or lake. Once we got to the other side, we could again fish and wade along the shore.

Today, great guide boats with towers, stations, and comfy seats are the attraction. A Drift Boat can be rowed while 2 anglers can flail the water. A good guide can Kant the boat to keep the casters in range of fish as they float down the river. 10–13-mile floats are usually a day’s joyride. 

So, which is best? Every fisherman has a different skill set, budget, and confidence level. Go with what makes you successful and happy. Fishing from the bank slows the fishing down. You can focus on basic skills and master them. Wading can also be comfortable on a hot day until you slip and slide onto your butt.

The greatest thing about fishing is that we will never completely mast er the sport. Just Go with the Flow!

Montana Grant

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