Clark Fork River Hoot Owl Fishing Restrictions 8.2.22
By angelamontana

Posted: August 2, 2022

Hoot Owl Fishing Restriction from mile: 93.4 to 197.6 beginning August 2, 2022

From the confluence of Flathead River upstream to the confluence of the Bitterroot River.

Water temperature at USGS 12353000 Clark Fork below Missoula exceeded 73 degrees Fahrenheit for three consecutive days, meeting fishing restriction criteria (12.5.507, ARM). Previous evaluations determined that water temperatures recorded at this gauge are indicative of temperature trends throughout this river reach.

These restrictions will remain in place until lifted by FWP administrative action when temperatures do not exceed 70 degrees for three consecutive days, or until September 15 (12.5.508, ARM).


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