By Montana Grant

Posted: August 28, 2022


Outdoor sportsmen and women never have enough time. We all want more time on the water or afield. Sadly, we can’t make more time but there are ways to save time.

Everyone has chores by the scores. Whether it is house repairs and maintenance to lawn and landscaping work. Maybe you are constantly working on your rides or other routine jobs and chores. We need to find ways to streamline what we must do so that we can then repurpose the saved time.

A few minutes, or hours here and there, can quickly add up. Now you can enjoy the evening or morning fishing and hunting outings. Let’s take mowing your lawn as an example. If I told you that you could save half the time mowing, that would be significant. The more lawn you need to mow, the more time we are talking about. 

Recently my old pokey Craftsman riding mower broke again. My son had hooked me up with this time saver, but it kept breaking down. Wasting his time for repairs was getting old fast. I spent my life pushing a mower until this rider. It cut well and saved me time. With this in mind, we ordered a new zero turn Cub Cadet mower. It is a 25-horsepower beast that was delivered a few weeks ago. 

This amazing mower cut my mowing time in half! I can get into tight places and do quick spins and turns without having to steer slow turnarounds. After safely enjoying this style of mower, I can’t imagine mowing the grass any other way. The larger cutting area also cuts more evenly and quickly. No grass is too tall!

The hours that I am saving allow me to consider doing other things. Look for things in your life that could be time savers. Now I know that some of you are saying new mowers are too expensive. Perhaps reconsider putting a value on your time. Maybe you don’t need to go with a Zero Turn mower, but maybe you can step up to a rider.

I also have gone to Makita battery powered tools for most of my chores. The leaf blower and weed whacker come as a set. With a cordless option and 18-volt battery, I eliminate gas, oil, and other services. The cutting line needs changed less often, and the noise level is way down. I save a bunch of time using these mobile, cordless, and fuel less tools. These same batteries also energize my camp lights, ice fishing auger, camping chain saw and other outdoor tools.

Think about how you spend your time. Now look closely where technology, others, or ideas can save you more time.

Lawn/ garden watering    Use soaker hose, an automatic system, or bottle/ funnel drip soakers. Also add mulch around the plant bases to hold moisture. Add shade to garden spaces to reduce evaporation. Water early mornings, not the middle of the day.

                Vacuuming    Empty the vac each time you are finished. Now it is ready for the next session. Position a second vac on each floor. Now you can vac without carrying the vac around. Use small dust and light clean up vacs between main cleanings.

Exercise      Plan to exercise when afield. Do your stretches, hiking, and muscle jobs while heading into a lake or trail. Find a log and do the exercises you need. Pick up rocks and place them along eroded trails to provide a service and give you exercise. Make routine flexing, stretching, and motion while enjoying your outdoor fun. Be creative.

When you cut time, you will also become more efficient, in shape, and happier! You can also spend that saved time afield!

Montana Grant


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