Fort Peck Salmon Slayer II
By angelamontana

Posted: August 24, 2022

Don Wilkins makes the folks’ day in the Glasgow/Fort Peck area delivering packages, as he drives for UPS.  He is ‘The Man in Brown’, and he also has salmon fishing down!

Wilkins delivers packages for UPS during the day, and, early in the morning, he delivers chinook salmon to his boat before he goes to work. Does he have Black Jaw Fever?  Yes, a very bad case of it!

Wilkins isn’t afraid to try anything on the salmon. He will switch the size of the flasher to a special herring recipe.  He loves to talk salmon fishing, and, by all accounts, according to Bill Zahradka, the original salmon slayer, Wilkins has had the hot stick this year on Peck.  Wilkins’ wife, Beckie, joins him once in a while, like the time he took a week vacation in August to–you guessed it–fish salmon!

Wilkins will be a special guest this Saturday on our Super Salmon Saturday Montana Outdoor Radio Show, too!  Who knows ‘The Man in Brown’ might just deliver some information that will help you catch some or more salmon!

You won’t want to miss this episode!  Find our statewide radio network here, or tune in live online from our Facebook page or website this Saturday morning!

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