Bison scares motorcyclist at YNP
By angelamontana

Posted: September 12, 2022

Sometimes, bison at Yellowstone National Park just may not sometimes want to be around people on motorcycles…or people in cars…or people in trucks…or people walking…or people trying to pet them….or people trying to take selfies with them.  However, it isn’t up to them to decide who is around them.  They might just want to be left alone and admired from afar, but people don’t listen or think about the effects that could arise from their actions…okay, some people don’t.  That is something to consider if you plan to go to Yellowstone National Park.

Change of underpants required !!!
This is me and my wife getting charged by a buffalo. Glad it ended well but my wife has lots of anxiety around any buffalo now. Lots. Video credits to @rbates76 first person view and scream and @reneemead from behind us. Incredible that we got 2 different videos of this happening. Weston went by in front of us with no issue (although we think he gave that buffalo the one finger wave and made him mad) and Sven went by behind us but way over in the other lane.”
📸: @otbprototypes

What would you do if this happened


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