Closures on the Helena National Forest
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: September 11, 2022
Ongoing road maintenance and timber projects are underway across the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest warranting closures for public safety. Additionally, due to the Ursus fire, a trail closure is currently in effect in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. Closures by district include:
🌲 Helena Ranger District:
➡️ Brooklyn Bridge closure (01-15-12-22-01): A timber sale in the Brooklyn Bridge area of the South Hills in Helena requires a weekday area closure to ensure public safety due to logging and log hauling operations. This closure order is in effect until October 21, unless rescinded earlier. The closure is effective weekdays from Monday beginning at 12:01 a.m. through Friday at 5 p.m.
➡️ Mac Pass line burial closure (01-15-12-22-14): Forest Service Road 1802 remains closed to vehicles Mondays-Fridays through September 30. Continental Divide Trail hikers will be allowed to pass through.
➡️ Park Lake closure (01-15-12-22-13): Park Lake will be closed through December 31 to allow for work to begin to mitigate stress on the dam.
🌲 Townsend Ranger District:
➡️ Gipsy Lake campground closure (01-15-11-22-07): The campground is closed due to hazard trees resulting from the 2021 Woods Creek Fire. This order is in effect through August 31, 2023, unless rescinded earlier.
🌲 Belt Creek-White Sulphur Springs Ranger District:
There are no closures at this time; the Deep Creek Fire closure has been rescinded.
🌲 Lincoln Ranger District:
➡️ Dalton timber sale (01-15-14-22-03): A few roads and trails remain closed south of Lincoln to accommodate the Dalton Timber Sale. The closure includes Helmville-Gould Trail (#467) and Forest Service roads 1829 and 4128. With the exception of Forest Service Road 1829-C, which is closed through the end of the year, we are working with the contractors to reopen many of the roads and trails each weekend for visitors.
🌲 Judith-Musselshell Ranger District:
There are no closures at this time.
🌲 Rocky Mountain Ranger District:
➡️ Beaver-Willow Road closure (01-15-01-22-15): Forest Service Road 233 (Beaver-Willow road) is closed for a culvert replacement at mile post 24.14 where Cutreef Creek intersects the road until October 4.
➡️ Ursus fire closure (01-15-01-22-17): Forest Service trails #202 (starting at junction with trail #226), #227 and #246 (Observation Pass) generally located in the South Fork Sun drainage will be closed through October 31 due to active fire activity.
Visit: for the most up-to-date closure information on the Forest and continue to follow us on Facebook @HLCNF, Twitter @LewisandClarkNF, or call your local district office from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Mondays-Fridays.
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