By Montana Grant

Posted: October 27, 2022


Marriages, work, relationships, and friendships end up being challenged when distractions, competitions, and other things demand attention. Usually that means that hunters and fishermen end up on the “S—T LIST”!

All hunters and fishermen know exactly the list that I am talking about. Hunting and fishing are an addiction that needs seasonal treatments. Opening days only happen one day out of each year. The Call of the Wild is just too alluring.

Before I finally got married, I dated my wife for 4 years. Each Fall and Spring, I was afield. It always seemed like there was some big party or birthday or something that was at the same time. I had to make a choice. I chose opening days. Finally, after 4 years, she gave up trying to reel in my outdoor addictions. What is even funnier is after a lifetime of marriage, she is now glad to see me leave, and I don’t go enough.

Workaholic bosses and administrators hate employees that have a life outside of their control. They have no idea about any fun or energy spent outside the workplace. Maybe if they learned to hunt and fish, their perspective and attitudes may change. Until that happens, they are on the hunt for employees that celebrate outdoor life.

Not all women author the S—T LIST. Many are now on it as ladies have found joy and pleasure in hunting and fishing. It may be their husbands and boyfriends that get bent out of shape.

One thing is for sure. Each year of our life is one less opening day. When we cross over that big fishing pier in heaven, no hunter or fishermen will ever say that they had too much time afield. Enjoy life and healthy addictions while you can. We behave and act better because of it.

If there must be a S—T LIST, make sure it’s written on some soft tissue paper.

Montana Grant

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