Idaho F&G begins winter feeding operation for Teton Canyon elk
By angelamontana

Posted: December 6, 2022

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has initiated an emergency winter feeding operation for the Teton Canyon elk herd for winter 2022-2023. This elk herd has posed a public safety concern since winter 2018-2019 when they began showing up along Highway 20 and Highway 33 near Sugar City. In an attempt to prevent this herd from causing safety risks along the highways and to keep them from mingling with local cattle operations, Fish and Game will be feeding along Teton Canyon to hold the elk in a safe location throughout the winter.

Fish and Game has once again partnered with private landowners on the north side of Teton Canyon to limit winter disturbance to wildlife by reducing unauthorized snowmobile traffic and winter recreation on private lands. Approximately 17,000 acres of private land will be signed closed to unauthorized winter use from Dec. 1 to May 1.

Human activity during the winter months has increased in the Teton Canyon area over time, raising concerns for wildlife wintering in the area. Fish and Game urges people to recreate responsibly this winter and abide by all signage and private property boundaries. Individuals are responsible for making sure that they have permission to be on private lands regardless of the activity and time of year.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game would like to thank the partnering landowners for trying to find solutions to wintering wildlife issues, as well as public citizens for making sure they have private land permission and not disturbing wintering wildlife.

December 2, 2022 Press Release by Jacob Locke, Regional Wildlife Biologist | Photo credit: James Brower Idaho Fish and Game | Sugar City Elk
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