Perch Assault event in February is NAIFC qualifier
By angelamontana

Posted: December 30, 2022

For those interested in the NAIFC, check this out from Perch Assault:

Just a reminder that the February event on Thompson Lake will again be a qualifier for the North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC) National Championship in December 2023. Would really like to see some more NW teams qualify and represent the Perch Assault at the only true National Championship event. Unless you are willing to travel to Iowa, MN, MI or WI, the actual qualifier at Hebgen Lake Jan 8th and the Feb Perch Assault are the only two events for teams from WA, ID, UT, WY, MT and etc. to earn an invite to fish against the BEST from North America! Conditions at last week’s 2022 National Championship would have made ALL the NW teams feel right at home! I’ll have the registration page set up at before the new year, and all it takes is an extra $50 to sign up to use the Perch Assault to qualify. Place in the top five among the other teams that sign up and you are IN!

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