By Montana Grant

Posted: December 29, 2022

Winter holiday time is also when we receive special gifts. Christmas gifts are often our favorites. Whatever your holiday is, gifts are part of it.  For many of us, we most enjoy the gifts that we give rather than the ones we receive.

Hunters and fishermen are easy to shop for. They always need some ammo, bait, hats, camo, spinners., or some other gizmo. My Dad bought me my first shotgun for Christmas. I actually got it on my birthday, in August, but it was such a big gift that it was for Christmas too. My Ithaca model 37 is still my go to shooter. The $87 brand new shotgun came with 2 boxes of 12-gauge shells. It is a gift that keeps on giving!

One year I gave my brother a game farm hunt for pheasants, chukars, and quail. Of course, I got to go too, but I had to pay the bill. We opened the gifts one at a time. Then the gifts were made for several meals. The hunt was a gift that we both enjoyed.

Gifts that someone makes for you are always special. Handcrafted, wood worked, sewed, knitted, painted, or… Custom gifts are the best. It is also fun to give a gift that lasts all year long. Plants, date books, or… Cooking a wonderful meal can be awesome. A smoked brisket, lobster tails, and shrimp…it doesn’t get much better.

My Mom always got what she wanted at Christmas. My Dad would have bought her the moon, but he just hated to shop. Later, he began making her wood crafts and always said, “I don’t need a holiday to give my wife a gift!” She did her own shopping and I usually helped her wrap them. Mom was always so happy to open them on Christmas morning.

Kids often get so many toys that they forget who gave them anything. The gift, songs, and story of Christmas may be enough for kids. For others, the flavors are important. We give home baked Biscotti to friends across the country. A few unique coffee or tea packs make this flavorful gift an annual treat.

Great gifts can be simple and inexpensive. One year I gave my wife a coupon book. It included chores, neck rubs, treats, and fun things. I even made ear rings out of elk turds, covered in glitter. Now that’s a special gift!

There have been some major gift failures. Keeping in line with a gift that you could use daily, I gave my wife a wonderful wooden toilet seat. Not a good idea.

The best gifts of all are the gifts given with Love. When someone thoughtfully makes you a gift it is simply wonderful. When you feel lonely or down, just remember the best gifts and the family and friends that gave them to you.

Your smile will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Montana Grant

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