Darin McMurray the US Army Corps of Engineers Operations Manager for the Fort Peck Project declared that the Lake Froze Over on Fort Peck on December 20 2022.
The record number of ice days for Fort Peck is 144 and that took place way back in 1955-56 ice season. To break that record, ice out on Fort Peck would have to be declared on May 13 2023. This might be a long shot since the latest ice out date came on May 9 1950. Even though as of March 31st average ice thickness on Fort Peck by the dam is 24-30 inches.

Here’s how to play:

Simply enter the date that you think Darin McMurray, the US Army Corps of Engineers Operations Manager for the Fort Peck Project will declare is the official date for Ice Off on Fort Peck Reservoir on the form below. If you pick the right date you will receive ONE DOLLAR FOR EVERYDAY IN A ROW THAT ICE STAYED ON FORT PECK!! Darin McMurray ruled that the beginning day for consecutive total Ice On started on December 20th 2022. So when will that end? The longest total Ice On has lasted on Fort Peck was 144 days back in 1950. Wow! That would have been $144 to the winner! Will it be more this year, will it be less and more importantly WHEN WILL IT END!? Enter your guess, if you’re right you might win some big cash!!

Here are the details and rules:

The winner will win $1 for every day the ice was officially on Fort Peck 2022-23 SEASON or a minimum $100 whichever is higher. Contest entries will be accepted until April 22 2023.

EACH ENTRY MUST INCLUDE: EMAIL, NAME, TOWN and PHONE NUMBER. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. The winner of the contest will be the person that has guessed the correct date or closest to without exceeding it. If more than one entry has the winning date or is closest to that date a drawing will be held to declare the winner on the first  Montana Outdoor Radio Show “Fort Peck Ice Off, Stand Off  after the date has been declared by Darin McMurray. This contest is being held for fun and entertainment and all contest declarations and results are final and no reviews or appeals will be considered. Remember only one entry per person will be considered, multiple entries by one person will result in disqualification of that person. ENTRIES ON FACEBOOK DO NOT COUNT

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