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MO Youth Baseball Team Controversy with AR-15 Raffle

I recently read an article posted on NBC Montana a

There’s No Need For an AR-15 Just Buy a Shotgun [VID]

You Don’t need an AR 15 – Just buy a s

Joe Biden Says Shotguns are Easier to Shoot than AR-15s

Joe Biden recently told women to go “buy a s

Print Your 30-Round Magazines for Your AR-15

Remember the gunsmith that printed a .22 caliber p

Assault Rock for Sale on Ebay…Yes–Caveman Style AR-15

My friend, Nina Corelli, recently forwarded me a l


We all know the history of a “Shot of Whiskey”

RECAP: Assault Rifles? THEY ARE NOT! (with Colonel Smoothbore)

In a time of strangeness and discomfort in the wor

AR Fever! (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Eugene Morrison Stoner was born in Gosport Indiana

Montana's Superior Resort and Venue

An All-American Wedding Venue for Sportsmen in Superior, Montana

When a sportswoman and a sportsman get married, wh

Choosing the Right Caliber for Coyote

It’s January. The temperatures fall and coyo

MCSSA Raising Funds for Shooting Range!

Mineral County Shooting Sports Association of Supe

Practice with Purpose (with Colonel Smoothbore)

As American citizens, we have a right to bear arms


Run N Shotgun (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Those of you who have followed these columns over


PCC Not PC (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Many people use a handgun as their primary home se

AR15 Versus a Telephone Pole [VID]

The guys at Demolition Ranch were asked how many b

Want a Montanan directing the NRA? Here’s your chance.

A 30-year old woman from Montana is running for th


Death of an Icon? (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Samuel Colt was born in Hartford Connecticut on Ju

Assault Rifles? THEY ARE NOT! (by Colonel Smoothbore)

Eugene Morrison Stoner was born in Gosport Indiana

Bear Finds Bull Before Hunter–Hunter takes Bear AND Bull Home

You may remember Jeramiah Mathis from his successf