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Wolverine spotted in Butte cemetery

We received an interesting video that somebody in

Wolverine visits Lewistown

Lewistown is known for many things, and, apparentl

Wolverine vs. Wolves [VIDEO]

Which animal is your money on when two wolves appr


Wolverine caught on camera for first time at YNP

A post on the Yellowstone National Park Facebook p

Wolverine Hunting Deer in Montana

Here is some neat footage from a couple of years a

“Psycho Wolverine” Tosses Elk Carcass Around [VIDEO]

If you like wolverines, especially big ones, you w

A Study on Wolverines Shows Surprising Results

If wolverines are of interest to you, here’s

Now, that’s a lot of wolverines! [VIDEO]

Here’s some cool footage from Russia. If you

Wolf vs. wolverine

What does a wolf vs. wolverine battle look like? T

Rare wolverine trapped in Idaho

From Idaho Fish and Game An Idaho trapper on Dec.

Wolverine Dinner on the Hoof

Wolverines are tenacious animals capable of taking

Wolverine chooses to eat moose for dinner [VIDEO]

This video from Swan Valley Connections shows a wo

Wolverine VS Coyote–Wow

Carl Norman, of Anchorage, was woken up just after

Wolverines Caught on Camera in Mission Mountains

This video was caught by Swan Valley Connections,

Comment Period reopens on Wolverine Proposed Listing

DENVER – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Ser

Court rules in favor of wolverine protections

From the Center for Biological Diversity Court Ove

Want to learn about bears and wolverines?

Want to get outside and learn about some of the la

#WildlifeWednesday, Wolverines

The wolverine is one of Montana’s fiercest a

The REAL Wolverine Movie

Have you seen the REAL wolverine movie? Here’

“Shark” and His Wolverine Hat

The Captain got a glimpse of the new wolverine hat

Montana Wolverine Trapping Temporarily on Hold

Wolverines, a member of the weasel family, are sou


A district court judge in Helena today granted a t


Montana is a place where death could be just aroun