Automated Licensing Service [ALS]

The new hunting and fishing license year began March 1. As more people turn to the FWP website to apply for special drawings or obtain their 2011 licenses, some applicants have questions about where to find their ALS number, how many bonus points they have, or options for applying. Here are a few helpful online services for applicants:

Alternate’s List – Enter or review your alternate’s list status for returned nonresident combination licenses.

ALS Number Lookup – Can’t remember your ALS number? Use this lookup to find your ALS number.

Bonus Points – Use this form to check the number of bonus points you have.

Bear ID Test Certificates – Use this form to find your Bear Identification test certificate.

Drawing Status – Provides applicants with the status of their application whether their application is pending, successful, or unsuccessful.

Game Damage Roster – Review your roster registration results.

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