Holy BUCK, that’s a big one!

In non-Montana news…. Kansas bowhunter, 38 y

Utah buck has double antlers on one side

For those of you with buck fever, and if you reall

Bizarre Non-Typical Buck

I am pretty sure this wasn’t in Montana, but

Corkscrew Mule Deer

James Yule, of Wyoming, found this critter and man

How About This Buck for Non-Typical?

The photo above was posted on Chasing Trophy White

Bitterroot Hunter finds Unusual Bull Elk

Jason Maxwell, of Missoula, was hunting in the Bit

Unusual Deer Has Drop Tines Consisting of Pooled Blood…

Trail cameras pick up some interesting snapshots o

There is Nothing Typical about this Antelope Buck

Jeff Timmons, from Kalispell, did taxidermy work p

Have You Ever Caught Montana’s Rarest Fish?

A rare, nearly extinct breed, the Hicken’s F

The Piranha Has a Cousin…with Human-Like Teeth!

Well, this might look fake, but if you know what P

How Non-Typical Would You Go?

A post on displayed one o

“Energizer” Is No Typical Buck…

Seeing pictures of non-typical bucks is one thing,

Not All Bucks Are Created Equal

I recently received an email from a buddy of mine,

Typical Vs. Non-typical Antlers

I, personally, fancy non-typical antlers on anythi

The Montana Whitetail with Four Antlers

Denny Tipps, father of avid hunter and angler, Dyl

Jonny Ward of South Dakota gets 7×7 Monster Buck

My cousin Jonny, the cap’s nephew, got a ver

The Unicorn Buck

Justin Richardson, of Darby, Montana, was out in t

Helena Native got a Non-Typical Deer for His First Buck Bow Kill

Dilan Saisbury from Helena, MT lives in Belgrade o

Typical Montana Elk Hunt Results in Non-Typical Bull

It started out as a typical day of hunting elk for

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