Monster Moose

Just a reminder of how big moose can get.  In Mon

Man harassed by grizzly bear for a week rescued by Coast Guard

We have our shares of grizzly bear attacks in Mont

Alaskan bull moose gets up close and personal

You might remember Russell Knight from the reality

Big ol wolf!

Things sure are bigger in Alaska… Check out

Grizzly Bear Fight [VIDEO]

Some people believe this is a mother grizzly bear

The Great Otter Escape [VIDEO]

Sometimes, an otter has to do what an otter has to

Grizzly bear attacks moose in yard on camera [VIDEO]

This is quite an interesting story from a few year

Famous Alaska Bus Removed after almost 50 Years

That famous bus that was in the book/movie “

Giant Moose Walking Down the Median [VIDEO]

Last year, this video was posted.  This is a vide

Man wades in water with feeding brown bears to get picture [VIDEO]

If you are visiting a national park in Alaska, and

An effective camping alarm clock [VIDEO]

If you plan on heading to Alaska and you know you&

Mammoth Tusk Stolen From BLM Science Center

The Bureau of Land Management is asking for the pu

Grizzly Bear Encounter in Alaska [VIDEO]

This is something you probably wouldn’t want

The Modern-Day Loch Ness Monster…

There are pictures, videos and many accounts of pe

Potential World Record Bull Moose

Israel Payton, of Alaska, may have got himself a w

Fresh Wild Salmon from Montana Fishing Company

Kwee-Jack Fishing Co. out of Billings has a summer

Alaska Can Manage Wildlife on Federal Lands Again

During President Obama’s last days in office

Wolverine VS Coyote–Wow

Carl Norman, of Anchorage, was woken up just after

Two Bull Moose Found Frozen in Alaska

Two moose were found frozen in an Alaskan river by

Momma Bear and Cubs Interrupt Women’s Triathlon

It has been one bear filled spring!  Stories keep

Here’s Your “Aw” Moment for the Day…

If you haven’t had an “aw” momen

Play Me that Mountain Moosic

Here is a neat video shot in Alaska of a Moose pla

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES – Hunter’s Face Ripped Off by Bear

As hunters, we always try to be as prepared as pos

“Hey Bear, Get Out of Here”

How close have you been to a grizzly bear?  A hun

Kodiak Bear Full Sprint

This video was captured in Alaska, but wouldn̵