animal attack

Wolves do attack domestic dogs at home

While many animal rights activist groups say that

mountain lion

Mountain lion attacks domestic cat

It’s a cat-eat-cat world out there…esp

Turkey attacks motorcyclists [VIDEO]

Have you ever been chased by a turkey?  It is a l

The rut makes the bucks go nuts! [VIDEO]

The deer rut makes the bucks nuts.  They get aggr

Snake vs. Deer [VIDEO]

Obviously, this is not in Montana, but if it were

Bear messes with woman and takes selfie [VIDEO]

Here is an interesting encounter…. If a bear

Woman plays dead after bison attack at YNP [VIDEO]

Well, it’s that time of year when people get

Cyclist charged by moose [VIDEO]

Okay, so this happened in 2018, and it happened in

RAMbunctious ram attack! [VIDEO]

Just because you’re in your vehicle doesn

When animals attack snowmobilers [VIDEO]

Size doesn’t matter to some animals..especia

Bull Moose Fight with Serious Injury [VIDEO]

A bull moose fight filmed by Roger Ouellet in Main

Bull Elk Charges Tourist…….Again

Every year in the news….. If it can happen t

Coyote attacks Young Girl [VIDEO]

For people who think coyotes don’t attack pe

Couple uses baseball bat/fists to fight off bear in home

Also in Colorado… If it can happen there, it

8 Year-old Fights off Mountain Lion with a Stick

Meanwhile, in Colorado…. CLICK HERE for an a

Colorado Hunter Stabs Mountain Lion with Pocketknife in Self Defense

A man attacked by a mountain lion Saturday night n

Banff National Park Shut Down after Wolf Attack on Camper

A wolf tried to drag a New Jersey man out of his t

YNP Grizzly Bear Charge [VIDEO]

Here’s some footage of a grizzly bear charge

Beaver Attacks Car [VIDEO]

Do not underestimate a beaver…..

Cow Elk Chases Jogger and Dog [VIDEO]

Again, you keep hearing to leave wildlife alone

Man Quacks at Charging Black Bear [VIDEO]

Not sure if this guy’s quacking is what help

Wildlife being Wildlife [VIDEO]

With ungulates finding more sanctuary spaces and f

Bobcats are tough … [VIDEO]

If you that think bobcats can be overlooked as a p

Grizzly Bear Takes Down Cow [VIDEO]

If you have never seen a grizzly bear take down an