animal attack

Moose attacks sled dogs while on a private tour

Always be cautious around moose…regardless o

Bull elk fight

Well, that is close!     View this post

Grizzly bear charges at moving vehicle [VIDEO]

Just a reminder that grizzly bears are more aggres

Man harassed by grizzly bear for a week rescued by Coast Guard

We have our shares of grizzly bear attacks in Mont

Wolves attack moose in broad daylight on road [VIDEO]

Living in the northwest, we tend to see nature raw

Bald Eagles Attack Idaho Farm, Kill 54 Sheep

Meanwhile, in Idaho, it was reported by Charlotte

Wolves do attack domestic dogs at home

While many animal rights activist groups say that

mountain lion

Mountain lion attacks domestic cat

It’s a cat-eat-cat world out there…esp

Turkey attacks motorcyclists [VIDEO]

Have you ever been chased by a turkey?  It is a l

The rut makes the bucks go nuts! [VIDEO]

The deer rut makes the bucks nuts.  They get aggr

Snake vs. Deer [VIDEO]

Obviously, this is not in Montana, but if it were

Bear messes with woman and takes selfie [VIDEO]

Here is an interesting encounter…. If a bear

Woman plays dead after bison attack at YNP [VIDEO]

Well, it’s that time of year when people get

Cyclist charged by moose [VIDEO]

Okay, so this happened in 2018, and it happened in

RAMbunctious ram attack! [VIDEO]

Just because you’re in your vehicle doesn

When animals attack snowmobilers [VIDEO]

Size doesn’t matter to some animals..especia

Bull Moose Fight with Serious Injury [VIDEO]

A bull moose fight filmed by Roger Ouellet in Main

Bull Elk Charges Tourist…….Again

Every year in the news….. If it can happen t

Coyote attacks Young Girl [VIDEO]

For people who think coyotes don’t attack pe

Couple uses baseball bat/fists to fight off bear in home

Also in Colorado… If it can happen there, it

8 Year-old Fights off Mountain Lion with a Stick

Meanwhile, in Colorado…. CLICK HERE for an a

Colorado Hunter Stabs Mountain Lion with Pocketknife in Self Defense

A man attacked by a mountain lion Saturday night n

Banff National Park Shut Down after Wolf Attack on Camper

A wolf tried to drag a New Jersey man out of his t

YNP Grizzly Bear Charge [VIDEO]

Here’s some footage of a grizzly bear charge

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