Would you want kangaroos in the US like deer?

Some people look at if we had kangaroos in the US

Man is woken up by a mountain lion killing elk on porch

Wow…this is pretty crazy! Check out what hap

Beaver stops traffic, drags supplies across the road

A lot of human beings can learn from the work ethi

What NOT to do when you see bears

Here’s another video that shows what NOT to

Crows hold grudges against “bad” people

Did you know… If you think you or your signi

Always expect the unexpected

Here is proof that you should always be cautious a

Bear Chases Elk in front of tourists in YNP

Some people go to Yellowstone National Park and do

Dog and bass play

Have you ever seen a dog and a bass play?  Well,

Otter vs. Snapping Turtle

Do not ever underestimate a river otter.  If you&

Tourists cause a few bison to spook at YNP

We know there are so many misleading titles to vid

Elk antler pulled from cow [VIDEO]

When is the last time you had to pull or watched s

Hornet vs. Mouse [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a hornet and a mouse fight?  I

When animals attack… [VIDEO]

We may not see elephants, rhinos, hippos or sharks

Bull Moose Fight [VIDEO]

Sometimes, a good ‘ol bull moose fight is a

Territorial Buffalo Horn Flips Lion [VIDEO]

Here’s something you won’t see in Mont

Squirrels Hide Nuts In the Darnedest Places [VIDEO]

If your dog has thick fur, and you happen to have

You Know You’re In Montana When…

You know you’re in Montana when even the dom

Porcupine Vs. Lions (Plural)

We have porcupines here in Montana,  and, as a ma

Froggy Entertainment…

In case you were wondering how to entertain frogs&

Learning from Animals and People at Ten Feet Tall–Maybe Less…

A person’s words can have a major impact som

Gator vs. Cat

Sometimes, animals surprise us and other times, th

Hawk vs. Bull Snake

The tables quickly turned for a red tailed hawk th

Number of People Killed by Animals Each Year

Just when you think you know what the deadliest an

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