OUCH! Barred Owl Marks Its Territory

How do you know when you’re too close to a b

Man chased by mountain lion roars

Apparently, mountain lions don’t like to be

Wolverine vs. Wolves [VIDEO]

Which animal is your money on when two wolves appr

mountain lion

Mountain lion attacks domestic cat

It’s a cat-eat-cat world out there…esp

Bobcat attacks coyote [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a bobcat attack a coyote?  Thi

Grizzly bear attacks mountain biker near Spanish Peaks

Bozeman — A man in his 60s was attacked by a gr

Man injured in grizzly bear attack on Sun River

A man was attacked by a female grizzly bear on Sun

When animals attack… [VIDEO]

We may not see elephants, rhinos, hippos or sharks

Have You Ever Seen an Eagle Mess with a Grizzly Bear? [VIDEO]

This isn’t one of those viral videos that wi

Beaver Tests Positive for Rabies after Attacking Kayaker

Another reason to not try to pet wildlife you see

Man Survives Shark, Bear and Snake Attacks

Have you heard about  20 year-old Dylan McWilliam

Elk Hunter Shoots Charging Grizzly Near Augusta

An elk hunter shot a grizzly bear multiple times o

Griz Attacks Hunter, Guide In Northern Wyoming

A grizzly bear attacked a hunting guide and one of

Canadian Hunter Gets Hoofprint On Forehead After Injured Moose Attack

A hunter in Newfoundland shot a mature bull moose

Top 10 Pike Attacks [VIDEO]

If you ever doubt the aggressiveness potential of

Coyote Attacks Decoy! [VIDEO]

You know your decoy is AWESOME when….

Shark Rips Fish from Kayakers Hand [VIDEO]

Are you a kayak fisherman?   While fishing for y

Yellowjacket Attack Caught on Camera

If yellowjackets freak you out, then be very caref

Moose Attacks Snowmobiler

Here is yet another moose incident caught on camer

Man Uses Skateboard to Ward Off Cougar

above photo:iStock/JohnPitcher A skateboarder was

Diver Attacked by Smallmouth Bass

Right now your probably asking yourself if this is

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