Bald Eagle

America, the Great!

Because America.

Bald Eagles Attack Idaho Farm, Kill 54 Sheep

Meanwhile, in Idaho, it was reported by Charlotte

It Takes a Bald Eagle Five Years to Get Its White Head

Because I’m a patriotic individual, I wanted

Reward offered in killing of bald eagle near Reed Point

BILLINGS – Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and

Bald Eagle Fight! [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen bald eagles fighting?  This is

Bald Eagle Pulls Live Muskie from Water [VIDEO]

Wow.  Never underestimate the power of a bald eag

An Odd Way for an Eagle to Travel [VIDEO]

Sometimes, eagles just want to float……

Have You Ever Seen an Eagle Mess with a Grizzly Bear? [VIDEO]

This isn’t one of those viral videos that wi

Montana Fisherman Captures Video of Eagle Grabbing Fish

An ice fisherman in northwest Montana captured vid

Bison Carcass Cam in Yellowstone National Park

Ronan Donovan is a grantee of National Geographic

Man Free’s Bald Eagle From Snare

A photographer and her family were on a snowmobile

Bald Eagle Swimming After Catching Fish

Did you know bald eagles could swim?  Well, we di

Bald Eagle Swimming? [VIDEO]

This sight would make anybody do a double take!  

Juvenile Bald Eagle Goes Ice Fishing

It’s cool enough to see a bald eagle in the

Check Out this LIVE Eagle Cam in Miles City

Symbols of freedom.  American icons.  Bald eagle

Person Feeds Bald Eagle Lunch by Hand

How patriotic are you? Enough to feed a bald eagle

Montana Bald Eagle Cam Online!

MILES CITY– A camera providing 24 hour live

Crash Landing for Two Bald Eagles on Airport Runway

(photos courtesy of Randy Hanzal, conservation off

Cash Reward Offered for Information on Poaching of Bald Eagles

(above photo courtesy of Washington Department of

Bald Eagle Over The Bitterroot River: MORS Picture of the Week

In late August, I was floated the Bitterroot River

Bald Eagle vs Grizzly Bear Video

Below is a short video of a grizzly bear walking a

Video Of A Bald Eagle Swimming in Baton Rouge

Jason Petrillo found this unique youtube video sho

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